Jaime R. Guerra González
Litigant since 1966
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Jaime R. Guerra González is the Founding Partner of “Guerra González y Asociados S.C.”. He has over 50 years of legal experience and is recognized as one of the Mexican lawyers with more experience and leadership in litigation in Civil, Commercial and Administrative matters, as well as in handling Insolvency and Bankruptcy Proceedings, Alternative Dispute Resolutions and Constitutional Proceedings.
During his career, he has represented and advised legally recognized both national and multinational companies in a wide range of industries and several government entities. Most of its clients are important players in strategic industries for the economy such as Steel Industry, Mining, Petrochemical and Energy Industry, Financial Sector, Banking, Insurance and Securities, Real Estate, Agricultural Industry, Food Industry (Food, Sugar, Beverages), Transportation Industry (Air, Rail, Sea and Automotive), Telecommunications, Entertainment, Editorial, Tourism and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Textile, Leather and Footwear Sector, Beauty and Luxury Industry, Fine Jewelry and Watches, Health and Pharmaceutical Sector, Tobacco Industry, Retail, Construction, Paint and Coatings Sectors, among others.
In the public sector he has been both advisor and counterparty facing court proceedings before governmental entities and public organizations in Mexico and abroad. He has performed as an arbitrator and as counsel in arbitral judgments, as well as mediator and conciliator in court proceedings mainly in Mexico, Canada, Brazil and USA.
Worldwide: Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, International Insolvency Institute, INSOL International, International Bar Association, Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Concursal, Insolvency Law Experts (HG.org), Who´s Who Legal, Best Lawyers, International Law Office, Insurance Law List, Practical Law Company.
Mexico: “Instituto Mexicano para la Justicia, A.C.”, “Colegio de Abogados de México A.C.”, “Consejo Cívico de Ciudadanos e Instituciones Sociales A.C.”, “Fundación Mexicana de Reintegración Social A.C.”, “The University Club Mexico”, among others.
Distinguished as “Leading Lawyer in Latin America” in “Bankruptcy and Reestructuring” field as well as in “Dispute Resolutions” by several organizations specialized in developing ranking such as; Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, Practical Law Company, Best Lawyers, Who´s Who Legal, among others. He has been honored and awarded for his professional career by civil organizations such as “Consejo Cívico de Ciudadanos e Instituciones Sociales, A.C. (CCCIS)” who gave him the prize “Premio a la Integridad y Responsabilidad” (Prize to the Integrity and Responsibility). The “Unidad Tamaulipeca, A.C.” honoured him with the distinction “Dr. Norberto Treviño Zapata” and the “La Casa de Cultura de Tamaulipas, A.C.” also gave him an award for his professional career.
Jaime R. Guerra González holds a “Master´s Degree in Comparative Law” issued in 1972 by the “Southern Methodist University” campus Dallas, TX, USA. He received his “B.A. in Law” in 1970 from “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)”, campus Mexico City, Mexico.
Author of the book “Apuntes y Comentarios sobre el Derecho Concursal en México” (Notes and Comments on Bankruptcy Law in Mexico), registered in 2001 at IMPI under the number 03-2001-061312031900-01.
He has written numerous articles for press like; Wall Street Journal, Reforma Newspaper, Legal 500 Latin America, Chambers & Partners, Insolvency Law Experts, Experts Guides, CrossBorder Law Group, Practical Law, International Law Office. Some of his articles appear in magazines such as; Forbes, Newsweek, Líderes, Alto Nivel, Mundo del Abogado, among others.
He has been invited by renowned universities to teach “Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law”, “Procedural Civil Law”, among others subjects related with litigation law at “Universidad Marista”, “Universidad Latinoamericana, S.C. (ULA)”, “Universidad Intercontinental (UIC)”, among others.
He has performed as speaker for over 25 years in national and international law congresses, presenting over 30 conferences and has been part of 10 international panels in several seminars, conferences and symposia which have took place in Mexico, USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, France and Italy, sponsored and organized by institutes such as; “Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Concursal”, “International Insolvency Institute”, “Institute for International Research”, “Instituto Mexicano de Finanzas”; associations like; “International Bar Association”, “INSOL International”, “Debtwire Latin America”, “Asociación Nacional de Abogados de Empresa, A.C.”; confederations such as; “Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana”; universities like; “Universidad Iberoamericana”, “Universidad de Nuevo México”; governmental entities such as; “Instituto Federal de Especialistas de Concursos Mercantiles”, “Consejo de la Judicatura del Poder Judicial de Aguascalientes”, “H. Tribunal de Justicia del Estado de Nuevo León”, and others organizations like “Procopio”, “Ejecutivos de Ventas y Mercadotecnia, A.C.” and “Club de Notarios de Matamoros”.
Among his presentations stand out:   “Conciliation Stage: Scope and Effects of the Bankruptcy Agreement; Legal and Practical Considerations; Court Approval of the Bankruptcy Agreement” in June 2021. “The Current State of Insolvency Legislation as it pertains to the Individual or the Consumer. Special Treatment of the Micro-Entrepreneur and Small Businesses in the Different Insolvency Systems” (Case Mexico), “Precisions to Improve the Law of Commercial Insolvency”, “Need for Reforms for Greater Independence of the Judiciary and Better Administration of Justice”, “Qualifying Competition and Responsibility for Insolvency”, “The Need of Adjust and Reform the Bankruptcy Law in Mexico”, “Effects and Creditor´s Rights in Cross-Border Insolvency Procedures”, “The need of Reforms at Mexican Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law from the Point of View of Lawyers”, “The Vote of Subsidiaries Companies in a Process of Insolvency and Bankruptcy of the Holding Company”, “The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law in the Global Crisis”, “The Effectiveness of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law”, “Insolvency and Restructuring of a Company.  Cross-Border Bankruptcy”, “Main Differences Between the Bankruptcy and the Payment Suspension” (1942) and the Bankruptcy Law (2000)”, “An efficient Bankruptcy System”, “Functions of the Financial Controller in the New Bankruptcy Law”, “Problems derivate from the implementation of the Bankruptcy Law in Mexico”, “Cases of Major International Bankruptcy Proceedings. México: Altos Hornos de México, S.A. de C.V. (AHMSA) and Grupo Acerero del Norte, S.A. de C.V. (GAN)”, “The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law”, “Treatment of Bonds before the New Bankruptcy Law”, “Reforms to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law”, “Analysis of Some Aspectos of Organic Procedural Reforms in Civil Law”, “The Economic Situation in Mexico and the Insolvency Law and its Reforms”, “Legal Aspects of Credit”, “Suspension of Payments as a Way to Re-structure their Loans with Creditors”, “The Nature of Suspension of Payments”, among others.
He has attended as participant in several conferences organized by “International Insolvency Institute” in Barcelona (Spain 2019), New York (U.S.A. 2018), London (England 2017), Tokyo (Japan 2016), Naples (Italy 2015), Paris (France 2012), Rome (Italy 2010), New York (USA 2009 and 2007), as well as the onces organized by “INSOL International” in Mexico City (Mexico 2020), Buenos Aires (Argentina 2011), some others organized by “Instituto Iberoamericano del Derecho Concursal”; San Juan (Puerto Rico 2016), Córdoba (Argentina 2015), City of Cartagena or Cartagena of the Indies (Colombia 2014), Palma de Mallorca (Spain 2013), Montepulciano (Italy 2009), Punta del Este (Uruguay 2008), Barcelona (Spain 2007), Rosario (Argentina 2006), Punta del Este (Uruguay 2006), Barranquilla (Colombia 2005), among many others.
English and Spanish.